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Website Maintenance & Updates

A well-maintained website is a website that has fresh content, a modern appearance, and has followed website security measures to keep files safe.

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Keeping It Updated

An updated website is easily recognizable at first glance when landing on to the web page. It can be noticed by the elements, layout and features of a website. If your website has content that is difficult to read or displays a broken layout on mobile and tablet or errors displaying on some features, then your website is outdated. We offer solutions to fix your website and add enhanced features that users know how to interact with.

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Website Security

As an experienced web developer, I've witnessed websites getting hacked, to DDoS attacks causing websites to crash, databases getting corrupted and a website being completely taken over and shared on the hackers Facebook account. The feeling is devastating, as it can take time to debug, investigate and recover from this crime. UXFocus understands the warning signs and offers solutions to protect your website from any harm.

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Website Backup

The future forecast of your website can be unpredictable. When there is updates being made on your website, sometimes things can go wrong and if you don't have a backup of the past versions of your website, the developer can have a hefty schedule of recovering posts and other essential updates done on your website. However, if you do have a scheduled website backup and have files committed in the cloud after every update, you'll have it all under control when the unpredictable happens.

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Professional Services

Is there something slowing your website down or causing your website page ranks to drop? By monitoring and analyzing your website we better understand what's the cause and the solution to prevent it from occurring again. There is always something new that can give you the edge over your competitors and UXFocus is on-top of it. We are always finding ways to improve the users journey and achieve business goals for the client.

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