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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The focus in SEO is to gain the most organic traffic it can by utilizing the tools and techniques available and to ensure a high ranking website.

Our Services

SEO Content Strategy

Content marketing has become a popular way for businesses to expand reach. UXFocus uses inbound marketing methodologies to educate your leads and prospects about the products and services your business offers. We use a SEO and inbound content strategy that will boost conversions, build relationships with your customers and solve their challenges.

Get Started → Keyword Research, Link-Building Plan, Blog Setup, Weekly Content

Local SEO

When potential customers near you is looking for a service or product that you offer, you have the opportunity to be listed and found on the search engine results page. UXFocus helps businesses increase visibility of your products and services to local customers. The results of an enhanced local visibility is greater trust in your business, more foot traffic to your store, and will generate more sales.

Get Started → Local Search Optimization, Google My Business Management, Citation Setup & Optimization, Localized Content Creation

On-Page SEO

This is another practice of optimizing web pages to improve organic traffic and search engine rankings. We make it easy for search engines, robots and users to read your website by organizing your web pages and creating well structured navigation and content.

Get Started → High-Quality Page Content, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt-Text, Page URLs, Inter-Linking, Historical Optimization, Featured Snippets

Off-Page SEO

This part of SEO is concerned basically with inbound links from different websites to your site. Normal link from authoritative and important sites go about as an independent "vote of confidence," which helps search engines trust your site more.

Get Started → Backlink Analysis, Link Building, Guest Blogging, Social Media Engagement Forum Submission

Technical SEO

Organic website traffic growth depends on search engines to crawl the pages. We make it easier for search engines to crawl or index your website and help your pages rank high by using technical SEO checklists. We use numerous of checklists that we go through to improve the technical SEO in websites and is not limited to these tasks below:

Get Started → Structured Data Markup, Image Optimization, Website Migration, Optimize Page Speed, Implement SSL

SEO Analytics

Every website should be setup to analyze data to understand and learn from. There are some essential metrics that involve tracking such as overall traffic to your website, the percentage of visitors from search engines and referrals. Referrals per keyword or phrase, conversion rate for each keyword or phrase, bounce rate and number of pages visited.

Get Started → Search Engine Console Management, Google Tag Manager, User Behavior Data, Reporting & Insights, Measurement Plan